Wild Nothing - Live In Dreams chords

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"Wild Nothing - Live in Dreams"
From the album "Gemini" (2010)

Note: These are the chords as I hear them, and I am sure most of them are correct. 
The lyrics, however, are wild guesses.
The song is in A major, so if you want to add additional stuff, do it accordingly.

Bm A D G A D G G (x2)

Verse 1:
Bm      A             D       G
Singing cigarette burn (from war?)
A               D                G
I could ask you are you dead like me
Bm   A                   D        G
Call me what you will but call me again
A         D              G
it's true I don't talk to mine

A                           D
Because our lips won't last forever
and that's exactly why
           G        A
I'd rather live in dreams
and I'd rather die

(play the intro again)

Verse 2: (same chords as Verse 1)
Clean face could you make the drive with me

I'm dying just to let things go

Do you remember the light in the in storm

it was the first time that I really felt you


Bm A D G (x2)

Bm        A           D           G
We've got eyes on the back of our heads (x4)

Tabbed by Robba.
Email: robbamania619@aim.com
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