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Will Hoge - Someone Elses Baby chords

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Will Hoge: Someone Elses Baby 

Intro:  A E F#m A E A


A            E      A
I know ashes slowly burn

                                   E       F#m
But every fool has a lesson that's hard to learn

       A                  E      F#m
It's a desperate plea but I must say

   A                        E        A
Oh God help me make it just one more day  (REPEAT INTRO FIRST PART)

          A                  E         A
There's a glass on the table beside my bed

        A                         E       F#m
Where I sleep with a bottle and I wake up dead

        A                     E       F#m
I got a hole in the bottom of both my shoes

       A                         E         A
Hey my step's been heavy since I heard the news


    Bm                      A
And I know just what you'll say

       Bm                             A
When I tell you that I'm sorry that I let you get away

     Bm                  A
Well you'll know I found out

            Bm             F#m  E  A
That you're someone else's ba---by now

I see you when I walk down the street
Your smile's in the face of everyone I meet
Oh and it tears me up to know that he's touching you
And learning all the secrets that I once knew

Do you still leave your clothes piled on the floor
Maybe now you're different than you were before
You got a new way of walking and a different kiss
Oh to keep you together on a night like this
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