Will Stratton - Katydid chords

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I like to play this song with the chords this way:

E (022100)
D#/B (x67600)
C#m (x46600)
B (x24400)
A (x02200)
F#m (244222)

But feel free to play it the way you think it sound better :}

Verse 1:

C#m      B                      E       E D#/B   
    Why don't you tell me what's wrong, baby?
C#m      B         E    E D#/B
    I'll do all I can.
C#m      B                   E             E  D#/B
    And if it's about where we're heading, maybe,
C#m         B              E     E D#/B
    you've got the wrong man.

Verse 2:

    C#m               B
    Cause' I can see for miles
          A         F#m
    when the sun is up,
 C#m                       B          A      F#m
    but it's midnight and I can't see at all.

Chorus 1:

A        E       A      E   D#/B      C#m  
    It's so hard and I can't think at all.
A        E       A      E         D#/B           C#m     A
    It's so hard and I don't think we're working out.

Verse 3: (same as verse 1)
    If you ever got the time, darling.
    Why don't you give me a call.
    I just want to say I'm so sorry.
    I never knew it all.

Brigde (same as verse 2)

Chorus 2 (same as chorus 1)
    It's alright.
    We're so stupid and we're young.
    Love is blind,
    it was words that really stung. 

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