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William Elliott Whitmore - Theres Hope For You chords

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William Elliott Whitmore
There's Hope For You
Off the Album, Animals In the Dark

arranged by Tyler Peterson

This is a really beautiful song and I'm surprised no one else has posted it yet.  So 
try my best.

On the E's I've noticed Will hammers on the 1st fret of the G string, and in the later 
of the 2nd Verse he plays the A's with 4th fret of the D string strumming with a little 
off at the end.  The C# on the 4th to the Dmaj on the 5th is the same chord shape 
just slide it down.

    A                       D
My little sparrow there is hope for you
    A               E
Your life has just begun
    A                     D
And I could not do what I wanted to
    A                       E
But I fear my time is almost done
    A                            D
But through your actions truth will carry on
    A                    E
Go forth with joy in your heart
    A                     D
And even though I will be gone
    A                    E
You've got to play your part
Listen to me now...


    A                C# 4thFret
You will overcome, I promise you
    Dmaj 5thFret                      A
And be whatever it is that you want to be
There is hope for you
Oh there's hope for you
  A       E          A
But it's much too late for me

         A                       D
Wayward weeping voices that you will hear
       A                    E
Each with their own story to tell
      A                        D
And you have the choice to bend your ear
      A          E         A
And treat your fellow humans well
     D                 A
So goodbye my little sparrow
    D                A
It's time that I must go
    D             A
To keep on the straight and narrow
   A           E        A
There's something you must know
Listen to me now...

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