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William Fitzsimmons - Mend Your Heart tab

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Standard Tuning 
Mend Your Heart - William Fitzsimmons (Tabbed by Braden McKinnon aka soul_blazer) 

Such a pretty song from such an amazing musician. All his stuff is great!

G                A                D
She is like the water where i clean my baby
G                A                D
floating from the front into the back to keep me
G                A                D
warm enough to cover me from getting chilly
G                A                D
cool enough to hide me from the heat
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G                A                D
She is like a splinter that i caught in my toe
G                A                D
running from the dog that chases me
G                A                D
sharp enough to teach a lesson that i must learn
G                A                D   G
soft enough to never make me bleed
 A         D           Bm
and i will find will you there
G A         D
and i will mend your heart
G  A         D        Bm
and i will find you there
G  A          D
and i will mend your heart

She is like a cigarette inside an ashtray
nothing but a fire sets her free
filling up my lungs until my body needs her
holding on so i can never breathe

She is like a gravestone sitting in the church yard
crooked from the ground in which she sleeps 
whispering my name until i go to meet her
underneath the ground she finds her peace
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