Willie Nile - Vagabond Moon chords

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Vagabond moon (Willie Nile, 1980, album omonimo;  1978 Lake victoria music, Ascap)

according to my singing capo on 2nd fret (original version capo 1st fret, chords  A  D  E)
Umberto  Siena, Italy sweetsfamily@alice.it 

G (let it sound)   C   G   D

G                            C      G
Ride to my window baby, come in the morning
G                         D          G
under the covers maybe we can play
G                            C      G
the nasty old reaper don't give you no warning
G                         D          G
ride to my window baby, come by today

Ride to my window baby, come in the evening
the afternoon sun is going down soon
why be waiting there, hiding and grieving
when we could be rolling neath the vagabond moon

C               G          C            G
It glows and thrills as it rides in the hills
C                     G             D
and rolls throu the dregs of the night
C               G          C            G
it shines and beams down the back alley streams
C                     G             D
and it fills a poor heart with delight

Ride to my window baby come in the daytime
my arm and my blankets would keep you so warm
the cold wind is blowing babe, and this is the right time
to take us some shelter from the upcoming storm

Ride thru my window babe and I'll ride thru yours
we should be singing such a merry old tune
open you shutters babe, I'll open my doors
and we can go howling neath the vagabond moon


Ride to my window babe, come after midnight
no one in my street is awake or alive
we can pass time here kiss in the monlight
what a fine thing to make love and survive

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