Willy Mason - The World That I Wanted tab

			     The World That I Wanted 
                                  -Willy Mason

Standard Tuning:EADGBe

This is a great song and it is such a pity that there are no other tabs out there; 
this is not perfect but its a start..

This song is composed of a fingerpicked chord progression which repeats throughout 
the intro verse and chorus with slight variations. 

Main Progression:  

Verse 1:
He's the kind of guy that's always afraid of affection,
And when the walls closed around,
He would always respond with agression.
But he woke up today with a pain in his head,
Remembered a dream, Oh what was it they said.

Oh, this was the world that I wanted.
Hey oh, this was the world that I wanted.

Verse 2:
Many years ago he was hungry for father's attention,
But dad was alone, his disease unspoken, unmentioned.
And so the boy grew tall with these things around his head,
When his asked mom's advice, she silently said Oh,

Your father got all that he wanted.
Hey oh, your father got all that he wanted.

the bridge is strummed, for  strumming pattern listen to song

Verse 3:
He steps onto the porch with a cigarette and a briefcase.
And remembering dad he prepares to argue his case.
Old woman he says, you should have left long ago.
Your friends are all dead, it's not worth it you know.
And she smiles, you know this was the life that I wanted.
And she smiles, you know this was the life that I wanted.

Verse 4:
He never thought that he'd cry when his father was finally laid down,
Never thought that he'd cry, when his friends were all gathered around,
But he watched as the old man lay down in the earth,
And he looked all around for a sign of his worth.
Then he cried, whoa daddy what was it you wanted.
Then he cried, whoa daddy what was it you wanted. 

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