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Willy Mason - Sold My Soul Acoustic tab

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Dm, A, G, (All barred)

This is an acoustic version which you can hear on KCRW radio. You only play the G
during the intro and it is a very fast one strum after the A. The rest of the intro
is Dm (barred on fret 5 in a Bm shape). Play all the chords in 'jumpy' short of way
so that you mute the strings, it is kind of bluesy.

 The verses are all the same! Enjoy

Well, do you say 
Nobody hears me when I pray. 
And if you say        Dm
I just donít care to live past what's today. 
And if you say 
Oh, brother 
Last night I prayed.
          A                            Dm G Dm
Your preacher isnít preaching at home.
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