Windir - 1184 tab

Song Title: 1184
Band Name: Windir
Album: Valfar, Ein Windir (2004 Tuba Records)
Composed by: Valfar (R.I.P.), Hvall, Righ, Steingrim, Storm and Sture
Transcribed by: Alex Polgar

This is an amazing song by an amazing band. Sorry it is just the intro but if it's right 
will do the full song soon. Hope you enjoy it.

Both Guitars Standard Tuning

h -hammer on
p -pull off
* -let ring (below chord/note)

Guitar I
    A5    A#5 A5  G5      A5  G5      A5       A#5
      All tremolo picking
Guitar II                                                x4

      All tremolo picking

Both guitars

Guitar I


Guitar II                                    x4

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