Winter People - Gallons chords

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"Gallons" by Winter People

Bm, D, A, G through the entire song except part at end, where it is just Bm, D, A. Goes 
back to Bm, D, A, G at very end.

          Bm             D
Well the spells and incantations
          A              G
Of the dawn
       Bm             D
Get broken by the beat
        A                  G
Of the street-sweeper's drum

And the way, the way is dark
The way is long
In this rotten metropolis
Our common apocalypse
Of storm-drains and neon

When the one
That you dream of
    A             G
Is gone

Fifteen gallons of poison
That you've poured in
To the breach

That's been left behind
From your open heart
Wine bottle surgeries

And all the pretty, young lovers
Are overflowing in the gutters
And unfolding for one another
Like there's something that you don't know

Like this one here
With her lipstick smeared
And her lukewarm thighs
But that's better than none

When the one
That you dream of
Is gone

Ah the waste-lakes, the drink

And it all starts to swim
D                      A
Fifteen gallons of poison
The ground cracks open

And the city falls in
D                     A
Fifteen gallons of poison

Bm     D    A    G
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