Within Temptation - Stairway To The Skies chords

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I haven't searched for many details. I'm lazy!! XD Only basic chords. Play it as you want! :)

Em  C  Em  C  D

Em			C
Seven seconds till the rise
Canít believe Iím still alive
		 C	 D
And Heaven was waiting for me

Em			    C
I thought this would be the end
But I know youíll understand
All that is keeping me here

    Am				C
I dream of a stairway to the skies
	      D		      Dm	E7
My angel is coming down from Heaven to take me
  Am				C
I reach out but then you fade away
Whenever you call for me
	  Dm	   E7	      Am
Know that Iím only one step behind

Me senses tell me I have changed
But one thing still remains
Iím torn and the hateís still aching
I slowly start to realize
We wonít reunite
I still have to march on trough


It is a curse
Or a virtue
Have I been blinded
By regret
Perdition awaits
My souls is at stake
Wil I find a stairway
	  G	     Am
To the skies in the end

Am	C	D	Dm	E7


Am	C	D	Dm	E7
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