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Wolfmother - Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes tab

Transcribed by Danleary


Standard Tuning


h : Hammer on
p : Pull Off
T: Fret with thumb


Knowing how to play open A, G, and D chords will help immensely for this
song. These are the chords that all the notes are derived from. Make sure
to hit the bass notes and let them ring, as well as the lead! In some
instances, the bass notes are played simultaneously with the lead. This is
made for one guitar, so make sure you know how to do double stops!

Let Ring

0:00               0:04              0:06             0:09


0:10              0:12               0:15             0:17


0:19             0:21                0:23             0:26



For these chords, keep your middle finger on the 10 and pinky on 12. These
two fingers should never move. Move your 1st (pointer) finger down to finger
the 8th fret on the 3rd (G) string, and use your 3rd (ring) finger when you
move to 11. It's quite a stretch, so you will hate this if you haven't built
up hand strength yet!


Repeat 3X


Bridge (Intro revisted)


Variation of intro verse, but played twice instead of three times.


Once you have the pattern for the riffage after the A chord memorized,
that's all you need to know. Just move the shape up or down the neck to the
appropriate spot after that. Note that he changes the rhythm up occasionally.

Also, keep in mind that Stockers uses the open chords for some reason. This
involves a lot of jumping around the neck, but it's the way he plays it...
for whatever reason. If it's easier for you to use the barre chords, go
right ahead... it's much more convenient that way.

1:10                            1:13


1:15                                  1:17



This is exactly the same as the chord progression from earlier, but this
time he plays the notes individually and in succession, rather then strum
the whole chord harmoniously.

Let Ring
Repeat 3X



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