Woodbox Gang - 160 Years For My Crimes chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

160 Years (For My Crimes)

C       Dm     Bb      C      F      C

Bb                             C          F
Well it's one hundred and sixty years for my crimes
C                      Dm
At least it wasn't two hundred
Bb              C          F
Forty years is a really long time

Bb               F            A7           Dm
I'm gonna count my blessings and hope to be lucky
Bb              F            C
Enough to be paroled after one hundred and twenty
Bb           F             A7          Dm
I'm gonna exercise I'm gonna take my vitamins
Bb                F              C
So I'll be big and strong when I am set free again

Am       Dm     G      Em
Am       Dm     G      Em
Eb       Bb     F
Eb       Bb     C

My girlfriend smiled when I asked her to wait
And keep her heart and body pure 'til I walk back through this gate
And my poor mother will not have any peace
'Til I show up at her front door on the day I get released
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