Woodbox Gang - Black Yodel No 7 chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood

Black Yodel No. 7

  D   G      D
An angel rode the bus home
  Bb          C        D
I believed her wings were broken
     D        G      D
She asked me the time of day
  Bb      C         D
I asked if she was joking
   D    G    D
She smiled like a woman
Bb        C       D
And her tricks were turning
  D   G    D
I smiled like a baby
    Bb    C     D
And felt my body burning
F       D
La di di da
F        D
       G               D
There's people in me head sayin'
A             D

She asked how I was doing
Not expecting me to answer
I said fairly well
Doctors say I killed the cancer
Itís going out of style
She inquired about the flavor
I said it wasnít mine
It was in my next door neighbor
I scratched my big red nose
As the wind blew through my beard
If I shave too often
My face looks really weird
She pulled out her bandana
It wasnít dirty or red
Even though inside held
A severed shrunken head
I stared like a creep
Into those tiny eyes
And then one winked at me
As the other began to cry
She started laughing
And tickling its chin
Like it was a baby
Or newborn kitten
I pulled out my cell phone
It melted in my hand
She pulled out a bottle
And fed the little man
I dinged the dinger
The bus came to a stop
She said thank you sir
This is where I get off
I swallowed my vomit
So casual and discreet
But the taste of eggs and mushrooms
Sent it splattered on my feet
I ran for the exit
The driver hit the breaks
I screamed like a woman
I didnít say thanks
I wanted to sneeze
Then I wanted to shave
I wanted to steal her head
And put him in a grave 
Iím glad her wings are broken
I hope they turn to dust
I'm gonna learn to drive a car
And never take the bus
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