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Woodbox Gang - Better Place To Die chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

Better Place To Die

The rich get richer and the poor get bitter
It's a curse just to be alive
     E                      A     
If we burn enough furniture to live through the winter
  E            B7             E
I want to have a better place to die

                        B7                       E            
I want a better place to die in a battlefield to fight in
                 B7                   E
A bigger hole to hide in and commit suicide in
      E                       A
I'd be feeling much better if we all came together
   E               B7             E
And made the world a better place to die

If Jesus comes back as some do say
I'd ask what do you decide
To die on the cross or by the ultraviolet rays
Which is the better way to die

You can burn your credit cards and not pay your tax
But the mark of the beast is the sign
You're branded at the grocery when you cash personal checks
And stamp your thumbprint on the line

I'm gonna take my tribe outside this system
Head out west and hide
Except for radiation and alien abductions
I hear Nevada is nice

When I'm in the nursing home eating steak with a spoon
And my only visitors are flies
I hope my kids are living on the moon
Assuming it's a better place to die
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