Woodbox Gang - Checkpoint Charlie chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

Checkpoint Charlie

A      D    A          F#m
I had a dream I was in New Orleans
E  D        A
Maybe it was heaven
A    D           A         F#m
All I know I wasn't lonesome anymore 
E      D                 A
And the saints were marching in

VERSE 2             
Then I met a man chiseled from stone
Shared my table at the square
Maybe it was Jesus, maybe Iggy Pop
We smoked my last cigarette 

A           D   A             F#m
What does it matter heaven or the latter
E            D               A
“I'll pay the tab” said the Nazarene
A                     D A            F#m
We can take all you've got good times or not
E            D             A
With Iggy and Jesus in New Orleans

It was daybreak way out on the levee
Iggy is playing washtub in three-quarter time             
Down by the river I heard some clawhammer banjo
Me and Jesus went fishing

What does it matter the Bayou or El Paso
“I'll pay the tab” said the Nazarene
High as a fruit bat in Napa Valley
With Iggy and Jesus in New Orleans

Was it purgatory, was it Checkpoint Charlie's
I decided I was staying forever
That ol' morning sun maybe it was voodoo
I woke up to the whistling southbound train
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