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Woodbox Gang - Drunk As Dragons chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Drunk As Dragons

Drunk As Dragons

Dm                         C
The bar closed that night I offered her a ride
Bb       A               Dm
She said, “Take me to your car”
Dm                   C
But I lost my license on a DUI
Bb             A          Dm
I took her away on my handle bars
C                    G
She called me Don Quixote
C                G
Quite ironic I suppose
We were drunk as dragons
C                      Bb         A         Dm
Feast on the fermented flesh of the fallen heroes 

The place she was staying was the Garden of Eden
I stopped at the gates
A noisy neon sign buzzed and shined
Advertising hourly rates
I asked her if she could make it
She wasn't walking so well
She said, “Don't let me die alone in an interstate town
In the bathtub of a sleaze pit motel”

I must confess I was staring at her chest
On her heart was a new tattoo
Some folks are religious, me I'm just superstitious
I cringed it said, “What Would Jesus Do”
She asked me if I believed
In heaven, hell, redemption, or sin              
Well it's hard for a man to believe in much of nothing
'til an angel's laying under him
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