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Woodbox Gang - One That Got Away chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

One That Got Away

         C#m      E             C#m                E
Sitting in a tree freezing on the last day of turkey season
      C#m                        E                 A                   B7
No he don't think he'll get him a spring hen but he's got some Old Crow anyway
        Am              E           A                    B7
Big one goes by while he dreams of the waitress he forgot to pay
           A               E                    A             B7           E
But there's plenty more where she came from he don't care about the one that got away

Copper sits outside the Quick Mart scratching lotto tickets in his squad car 
Taking a break from pointing his radar at drunk drivers on the interstate
Three scratch offs and one for the big game but he still can't retire today
But that crackhead who was standing right behind him can 'cause he bought the one that got away

Fellow asked me and my buddy to drive a car across the country
Wasn't too sure but I sure needed the money me and my friend we said “okay”
We popped the trunk at a rest stop found somebody in there starting to decay
Last month's big game ticket in his pocket too late for the one that got away

Girl majors in history with an English minor she's got her notebook sitting right beside her
To pay tuition she's working at a diner serving drunk drivers on the interstate
She still dreams of the one with the bright blue eyes who told her she'd be modeling someday
But he ran out on his check and he didn't leave a tip “goddamn” she says “the ones that get away”
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