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Woodbox Gang - Naked And Screaming And Covered In Blood chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

Naked and Screaming (And Covered in Blood)

D              G           D         Bm
I gave a girl a flower that I found on a grave
       F#                     D          A
And she gave me gonnerhea to return the favor
Bm                        D
'er lips were as red as a fresh rug burn
G                             A
Her cheeks were as ashy as the dog in the urn

D                G      D      Bm
I'm gonna die the same way I was born
          F#                  D          A
It's the same way Dad likes his underground porn
Bm                     D
The same way Mom got herself knocked up
G                     A         D
Naked and screaming and covered in blood

My sister had a party for her sweet sixteen
Damn time flies when you're on amphetamines
She slapped me in the face said “You'd better learn soon
To watch your filthy mouth when there's cunts in the room”

I'm sitting fully clothed in a cold bubble bath
Ave Maria on the phonograph
My naked crotch makes me hate my dad
Every time I suck a dick I feel like a fag
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