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Woodbox Gang - Let Em Break Your Bones chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

Let Em Break Your Bones

  G                                             Am
I got these crazy dreams just don't know what they mean
                   C      D                      G
Sometimes I dream so loud it wakes up dead folks underground
G                                  Am
Hatches baby birds and shakes em on down 
                 C            D
Makes the weeping willow trees cry themselves brown

Let 'em break your bones
Don't let 'em take your soul
Fill your heart up let it explode 
Don't let it turn cold

The only things that I recall as a witness to the slaughter
Was the muddy and bloody water and the farmer's youngest daughter
Covered in blood and feathers playing with a dead rabbit
She smiled like a centerfold reached out saying “come and get it”

I found a dying angel after the mutiny in heaven
When I asked her what happened she said “look up there and you can see them”
I saw white wings torn off and caught in the razor wire
They did their best to bust out but they couldn't get any higher

A clown tattooed vomit on his chin teardrops on his cheeks
He painted nails on his hands and he nailed hooves to his feet
His dying words were befriend a man who can settle for less      
But beware the poor creature who will kill for the best

He pissed tulips she bled a rose I cried stinging nettle
We were all at ground zero waiting for the dust to settle
She said “I'm a morning glory won't you open me slowly”                
He said “I'm a dandelion come over here and blow me”

She was standing in her darkened doorway wearing nothing but a Cuban guitar
Her leather strap wrapped over her shoulder she was sucking an electric cigar
She said “Why are you so quiet if you don't believe in silence?”
I cried “Why is my nose broken if you don't believe in violence?”
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