Woodbox Gang - Eat Drink And Be Dead chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

Eat Drink and Be Dead

D               A
Eat drink and be dead
D               G
Eat drink and be dead
D                G
Raise your glass above your head
A                D
Eat drink and be dead

D                G
I've been playing online poker
A                 D
But these bastards keep on stealing
D           G
I would be a millionaire 
   A         D
If only I could just break even

I sold my blood and semen
For a bottle of tequila
If you mix them all together
That's a manly margarita

Oh, there are better men 
Than me out there it's true            
But all of those sons of bitches
Are with better girls than you
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