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Woodbox Gang - The Termite Song chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

The Termite Song
I been sharpening my forks and poking at your cat
         C                                     Dm
I've been tasting your love letters and throwing up in your hat

          Bb            C       F                 Dm
I've been hiding in your walls and plotting with your mouse
     Dm            A             Dm
I am hungry and I'm gonna eat your house

I've been dancing with your shadow all over your bug light
Singing in your sprinkler and building up an appetite

A                       Dm   A                     Dm
Some houses are made of stone while some are made of brick
    Bb                   F         A
But when I'm through with yours you'd have thought it was built from used toothpicks

I've seen rats in your kitchen roaches in your sink
You ought to see your kitty crying every time I give a wink

Been making long distance crawls from your bed to your telephone
Watching you undress when you think that you're alone

I've been sleeping with your daughter once you've tucked her in at night
When you hear her sobbing I've been screaming "LET THE BED BUGS BITE"
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