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Woodbox Gang - The Good Ole Days Of Grunge chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: White Trash Voodoo

The Good Ole Days of Grunge

Dm                   C
We were young in the days of grunge
         Dm   C       F
When the music came from pain
F             C         
We smoked cigarettes at lunch 
    Bb          A     Dm
And dressed like Kurt Cobain
Dm              C
Manic depression was in style
  Dm     C  F
And so was heroin
F                        C
My friends and me we had apathy
       Bb      A       Dm
In the good ole days of grunge

Sally Dutch didn't talk much
She hated her middle name
But your shoulder would get punched
If you took the lord's name in vain
Her father was an evil man
That should have gone to jail
He'd say “Jezebel don't you ever tell
God's little whores go to hell”

Stuart McCann was a ladies man
So he wanted us to believe
We would see him hand in hand
With a new girlfriend each week
His father was a broken soul
And his mother a hateful hag
Poor old Stu would come unglued
If you called him a fag

Lucy Potter the preacher's daughter
Was daddy's little girl 
Righteously raised in a cave
And sheltered from the world
Jocks and preps and dumb rednecks
Would tease her on a dare
She thought babies came from storks and claimed
A blowjob was drying your hair

Dirty Russ was an ugly cuss
He didn't bathe or brush his teeth
You couldn't be around him 'cause
He made it hard to breathe
Everyone made fun of him
But little did they know
He lived in a van with his old man
Who drank up all the dough

Well I guess we got depressed
In April of '94
Some heroes fall some heroes die
Some ain't heroes no more
Now that I think about my friends
I don't know who's dead or alive
'Cause I never saw a one at all
Since May of '95

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