Woodbox Gang - Strange Desert 1947 chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

Strange Desert 1947

 B7                   G7   
The sky turned green as I was counting sheep
B7                    G7
Under my sleeping bag about to fall asleep
C           G             B7
From the sky flew a ball of light
C                  G               B7
Gripped with fear I closed my zipper tight
C7                        B7          E
You know I've always been a severe xenophobe
          C7                         B7         E
And I saw strange men with instruments aiming to probe
          C7          B7                 E
They had big heads and they had big black eyes
         C7                B7                      E
They were short and skinny and really funny looking guys
One started through my backpack one picked up my guitar                          
He strummed a string and jumped into the other one's arms
One found the Old Crow bottle took a sniff but not a drink                               
Passed it around and they all had a smell of that bottle of stink
This went on for a while till I grabbed the bottle and I guzzled
I must have guzzled a pint and a half or more just to show these superior extraterrestrials
We may not have your advance technology
But I do believe I can drink you all under every operating table
From here to the next galaxy

Then I passed it back and they all had a big swallow    
They began to dance around and scream and shout and holler
But overall I'd say we had a good time I even played my guitar
Until the campfire died we just laid there staring up at the stars    
We laid awhile till they had to stumble on back to their ship
I said "Be careful fellows, have a safe trip"
I watched that craft wobble in the sky as they did go
It's such a strange desert here in Southern New Mexico
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