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Woodbox Gang - Storm Blowing Slowly chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

Storm Blowing Slowly

It's nighttime now and my eyes are all water
My friends have all moved to where the sun's always shining
I'm watching the weather with the Doppler Radar
There's a storm busting out of every silver lining
By day I work the correction center
Where the men are corrected with poison gas
And by night I clock in on a bender
To forgive myself and forget the past

   G           D          G
The strings of my heart are so tight
       G         D         G
They'll spare me no suffering tonight
         G           D         G          D 
There's a storm blowing slowly come hell or come holy
     Em            D     G
Just blow me to the morning light

A killer winks behind the eyes of a warden
The chaplain's ace is in the dead man's sleeve
There's a serpent hiding in every saint's garden
Quoting the scriptures behind laurel leaves

Every bad man has friends in low places
Who shroud themselves in a darkness to hide
But some of these dearly departed hard cases
Venge me with friends of the holiest kind
And I'm constantly looking over my shoulder
At well dressed fellows with hidden agendas
I'm the mouse in the meadow rolling the boulders
And crushing the homes of the newly forgiven

Now the sun's rising up and the storm is a passing
A little rain and a little lightning
Outside the window where the thunder was a crashing
In their Sunday best little boys are fighting
Innocence today guilty verdict tomorrow
A civilized world has civilized ways
And every civilized world has a civilized fellow
To keep it all civilized with a lever to raise
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