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Woodbox Gang - Sinners Love chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

Sinner's Love

D                         E         
When you looked at me with eyes made of fire
D                      E
I never had a chance my heart was gone
D                         E
When you found me there my soul was dying
G                   D         E
Love is blind, well I say love is wrong

You needed someone  in the hole that you've been makin'
I needed a place to hide, a place in your heart
With your hand in mine, we left hell, bound for heaven
I promised I'd pull down a star

B                           D                          A                      E
It never occurred to me that god and devil could agree to stand against a sinner's love
B                      D                                 A                 E
I guess I must be blind years are gone and still I try to to find where we went wrong

Every morning when the sun came shining
I'd pick up the telephone and talk to you
Every evening when the stars were gliding
Telling lies and hoping they'd come true

One night I had a dream that everything I wanted
10,000 angels came and laid it at your door
And when I turned around you were somewhere hiding
Thinking you would die for something more

Am                          Em
Oh mister won't you help me lay right down and die
Am                        B7
Or find someone to tell me where she's gone and why

Am              Em
Am              B7          E

VERSE 5                  
I guess we both agree that someone wasn't changing
You take the road ahead and I'll keep holding on
I guess it's a crazy dream but every night I'm thinkin'
Thinkin' you'll be there when I get home

I tried to call you but I never got an answer
I tried to write you but I never found the words
And when I got downtown and try to find another
I see your face on every girl
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