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Wooden Wand - Creature Of Habit chords

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Artist: Wooden Wand
Album: Born Bad

Standard Tuning

Creature of Habit

(G)i went to jail in houston in 1993
when i got out a month later they handed 60 bucks to me
(C)i took that 60 dollars to a small and dark hotel
i said one (G)bedroom for the night sir please your best non-smoking cell
(D)creature of habit from the (C)black lagoon of (G)death
and i can (D)sit out now and (C)well as i can taste your (G)breath

(G)at the restroom at the bp i'm taking out my key
pull out the baby changing table and do a big L I N E
and (C)it's gonna be alright and it's gonna be okay
i'm (G)selfish and i'm stubburn but i confront this everyday
(D)creature of habit from the (C)omniverse of (G)fear
no (D)band t-shirt mating calls no (C)honing devices and (G)bitter beer

(G)it's amazing what you can learn and it's crazy what you can believe
drinks away with strangers and in-flight magazines
(C)sometimes it's just good to hear the music from the other side of the room
sometimes you (G)just need prospective and a different point of view
(D)creature of habit on the (C)speed dial of the (G)wretch
(D)coke dick, whiskey shit, (C)son of some unknown (G)bitch

all right.... 
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