Woods - Something Surreal chords

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Something Surreal by Woods (last track off Bend Beyond) 

Chords:  Am  C  Am  G / F  Am  F  C G   (This chord progression goes through the entire song)

Am                          C                              Am 
We're still holding on for something surreal

                                  G                                          F
caught with your back down and you know what i mean

                  Am       F                                                 C                 G
a light hanging on, bound breeze, time wastes best caught in the sun

Am                C                                          Am 
beggin' for sleep man what makes real so real

                               G                                            F
caught with the light on and you know what i mean

                       Am   F                                   C                    G
dreams form a sky, picture relection in the shape of that night
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