Worship Central - Now Is The Time For Us chords

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Now is the time for us:
this is a song featured on the Worship Central- Spirit Break out album. this is a 
great song written by Luke Hellebronth and Martyn Layzell. 
No capo
(they play it with a capo 3 but these are the chords the would play if not using a capo.) 
Transpose accordingly :) 

Eb              Bb          Cm          Gm    Eb
Our hearts will not forget, all of Your promises
     Bb        F
Your words are truth
Eb         Bb         Cm       Gm       Eb
Out of the wilderness, we run into Your grace
       Bb     F
You've set us free
We won't turn back
You’re the only way
Now is the time for us
To sing of your great love
Gm                  Eb
We worship you God, Forever you God
We hear you calling us
To show the world your love
Gm                  Eb
The sound of freedom will be our anthem
Verse 2:
We're daring to believe
Trusting in what’s unseen
By faith we'll see
You're lighting up the night
New hope that shines so bright
F/A                  Cm
We're yours forever, we stand together
Eb                  Bb
We trust in you our God, we look to you our God
F                  Gm
We're yours forever, we stand together
We follow you our God

God Bless :D
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