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Worship Central - Here We Are Ready For You chords

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HERE WE ARE (ready for you)

Verse 1:
Here we are
Standing on the edge of something new.
Lead us on
Further than we've ever been before.

        F#m                     Dsus2
With hands held high, be glorified;
        A       Asus4 [1. to Chorus]
Our hearts now cry: [2. to Final chorus]

A               Amaj7          F#m
We are living for the glory of the Lord;
                Dsus2                 A
Hearts are open wide, we're ready for You.
A                       E/G#                     A/C#
There's nothing we want more, You're all that we adore,
Dsus2           Esus4           A
Jesus, here we are, ready for You.

Verse 2:
Where You are,
Freedom reigns for Christ to set us free
We decide
                                        A [to Bridge]
To leave our fears behind for liberty.
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