Worth Dying For - Let It Out chords

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Dm                          Bb
     With my feet off the ground, I'm gonna praise you.
F/A                          C
     With this love I have found, I'm gonna tell the world.
Dm                  Bb   
     The reason I dance is 'cuz you saved me
F/A                    C
     Yeah you saved me, yeah you saved me

Dm        F/A        Bb      F/A
     I'll turn this world upside down
Dm             F/A            Bb             F/A
     First it starts in this room, I'm gonna let go now
Dm  F/A          Bb       F/A
         I can't go without you
     Let it out, let it out, woah

Dm       F
     Woah you got me singing out
C         Bb   
     Savior you're what it's all about

Dm   F/A          Bb         F/A
     And all the saints say woah (woah)
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