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Worth Dying For - Higher chords

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submitted by @apollo.sulse

This is all by ear, but I'm pretty sure this is the right chord progression.
God bless!

Intro: C#m A B F#m

Verse 1:
           C#m                 E
Jesus your name is more than a name
              A                   F#m
It's given me hope, it's given me life
           C#              E
Jesus your name, be lifted high
         A              F#m
No other name but Jesus Saves

     C#                 E
Your name is higher, is higher
     C#                 E
Your name is high above all
     A                   F#m
Your love is greater, is greater
     C#                    E
Your name has conquered it all

Verse 2:
           C#m                  E
Jesus your life, poured out for all
            A                    F#
Ransomed my heart and rescued my soul
          C#          E
King over all, coming again
                A                     F#
Death could not hold you, forever You reign
You reign


C#m                           A
Nails couldn't keep you down
The grave couldn't keep you in
Hell couldn't keep you out
You reign...You reign
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