Wovenhand - Arrowhead chords

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			     ARROWHEAD - Wovenhand
Tabbed by: Klapau
Email: ilkkaonparas@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Intro: C Dm


C Dm
Do tell
C Dm
How is
C Dm
The little pilgrims progress
Dm                   C     F
Does he endeavour to perservere
C Dm
Close mantled 
C Dm
to knives and kisses
C Dm        C           F
Just like When you were here 
C Dm
What little he had
C Dm
From him it was taken
C Dm                       C            F
For in the small things he could not be trusted
C Dm
C Dm
C Dm
Run motor city rusted
C Dm                      C        F
Nailed to the floor by an old time gaze


C Dm + Piano

Who is who was who is to come
Given to other lips
C               Dm
Spoken on other tounges
Where are you and where have you been
Hold fast hold fast
C       Dm
Till he come again


Dm Am C Dm

Would it do
Would it do any good
To be able to remember
The white of the page
The black of the ink
Thrown overboard lest the whole ship sink
You talk this way
As you go walkin
Weavin your way through the straw
It comes so slow
And leaves so quick
Under grace, yeah
We strike the striken law

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