Wretch 32 - Hush Little Baby chords

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My first tab, so please be very gentle if its wrong. Im also only 13.

Verse 1
Am F C Em
Hush little baby don't you cry
 I said hush little baby don't you cry [x3]
 I'm saying hush little baby don't you cry
 Daddy ain't sure if he can raise you right
 I ain't even good with saving my money
 Why should I think I can save your life?
 And the whole family's gonna think I'm a devil, I don't wanna see my angels eyes.
 I say this with one hand on my heart, guilt ain't gonna make me change my mind
 My first thoughts, were the worst thoughts, running 'round my head in circles
 The worlds gonna hate me for saying this, but patience is a virtue
 So we don't have to rush for our first youth, we can take time do rehearsals
 And I ain't acting this is personal, and I ain't doing this just to hurt you.
Am F C G
I should say goodbye, before I say hello
 So darling hold me, closely, tonight
 Because if you open your eyes, I'll never let you go
 Moving slowly, we'll both sleep tonight
 And we'll just be dreaming 'til you wake me up

Continues like this throughout the rest of the song, until the end

Am            C           F
We'll just be until you wake me up
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