Wunder Years - Coat Check Acoustic tab

Band: The Wunder Years
Song: Coat Check (Acoustic)
Tabber: DriveToNowhere
Email: adrenalinerush_alpha@att.net
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

This is one of the best songs by one of the best bands in punk rock history. And, like
great bands, they broke up before getting the praise that was due. Anyway, I just figured
how to play the song and thought everyone else should know too. I didnít write out the 
as I assume you can figure that out for yourself by listening to the song. I tried
place the chords as close to the right timing as possible, but youíll have to figure 
out too. Enjoy!

Chords used:
   E5  F#5  A5  B5  D5  D  Dmin A

A5              E5                F#5
  I donít wanna play this smart tonight.
          A5       E5                   F#5
See, Iíve Ė Iíve rephrased my wits in a thousand different ways.
      A5  E5      F#5
Itís a no win situation.
     D                           Dmin
I get a first place loss, and the last laugh.

A5        E5              F#5
  Baby we got ourselves a twelver,
   A5      E5                   F#5
And I do believe weíve got some time.
A5       E5                   F#5
  We all know [a view] were a cherry on a cigarette can
D              Dmin
  Set the world to flame.

A5   E5      B5
   I__ canít see whatís in front of me.
F#5         B5               D5
 Iím always lookiní ahead or lookiní back.
A5   E5          B5
  We look pretty fucked up tonight.
F#5                B5              D5~~~
 Thereís somethiní beautiful about fuckiní up.

[Solo Guitar 1]
(rhythm under solo is the same as the verse)

                       This is an eleven, not two ones
[Solo Guitar 2]                         v

A5        E5                 F#5
 Letís be simple creatures tonight.

Donít contemplate, complicate.
A5        E5                 F#5
 Roll the windows down, turn up the tunes and scream.
A5   E5                F#5
 Iím drinkiní with Jumpjet.
D                 Dmin
  Dear world weíre takiní our lives back.

A5     E5              F#5
 Letís paint this town red.
A5                   E5       F#5
 These streets could use some color.
A5         E5          F#5
 Cheers to silent saints.
D               Dmin
 Weíre with you, all the way.

A5   E5      B5
   I__ canít see whatís in front of me.
F#5         B5               D5
 Iím always lookiní ahead or lookiní back.
A5   E5          B5
  We look pretty fucked up tonight.
F#5                B5              D~~        Dmin~~  A~~
 Thereís somethiní beautiful about fuckiní up.

_ = pause after word/hold word
~ = hold note/chord
[???] = I donít actually know what he says here, and the lyrics arenít online, so this
my best guess. It sounds like either [a view] or [of you], not that either of those make
but meh.
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