Wussy - This Will Not End Well chords

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G                                             D
Mother-daughter banquet at the Bethel Baptist Church.
G                                                 D
You forgot her. That was bad, but I did something worse.
C                                  G
Bitter memories will lessen as you live.
C                                          G
"Bygones are bygones," she says as she forgives,
          D                      G
But I can tell this will not end well.

G                                                           D
I beg your pardon if what I've done has thrown you off your course.
G                                                           D
It's kindergarten, and you're jumping on a dead and bloated horse.
C                                             G
Teacher tells you she'll snatch you from your shoes.
C                                           G                D
You think about it, and the answer that you choose is "Go to hell."
This will not end well.

G                                                   D
If it's now or never, never is the one that's gonna win.
G                                                    D
Then there's forever - we're waiting on forever to begin.
C                                              G
Our days are numbered, and the hour is drawing near.
C                                      G                  D
Call me a killjoy, but I don't think I hear those wedding bells.
This will not end well.
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