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X-ray Spex - The Day The World Turned Dayglo chords

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Day the world turned day glo by x ray spex

E      G E   x3    C  

ALL IN: same riff x1

E                 G E     E                 G E       E                  G E     C 
I clambered over mounds and mounds of polystyrene foam 
Then fell into a swimming pool filled with fairy snow And watched the 

A                D
world turn day-glo You know, you know the 
A                  D                             C                      C
world turned day-glo, you know

back to main riff

I wrenched the nylon curtains back as far as they would go 
Then peered through perspex window panes at the acrylic road 


I drove my polypropolene car on wheels of sponge 
Then pulled into a wimpy bar to have a rubber bun 


The x-rays were penetrating through the latex breeze
Synthetic fiber see-through leaves fell from the rayon trees 

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