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Yellowcard - Inside Out tab

Hi this is my first tab.  I don't know if this is the real version, but it's pretty 
u have any suggestions as to improving the tab, email me


(Verse I)
  D                                  A                                      Em
 Here. A little sympathy for you to waste on me
 I know you're faking it but that's okay
         D                                     A
 And I don't want to drag it out
 Don't want to bring you down
 I never wanted it to end this way

D                A
                Even if I wanted to
A                Em
                I don't think that I'd get to you
Em                G                                                            Em        
               G  A   D
                There's nothing I can say to you to make you feel alive again
(Verse II)
 Here. A little jealousy
 I hope you think of me
 Hope you wonder where I sleep at night
               D                                   A
 Cause I feel like I'm inside out
 You got me upside down
 Maybe I was holding on too tight
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(Post Chorus)
D                 A
                   So don't just say goodbye to me
A                 Em
                  Just turn your back away and leave
Em               G
                   And if you're lucky I will be your last regret, your only friend
The two of us we dream like one
The two of us, the two of us
The two of use take breath like one
The two of us, the two of us  (2x)
D            A
              I guess that this is over now
A             Em
               I guess it's called the falling out
Em            G                                                           Em            
 A                  D
                But everyday I'm learning how to make it through this life I'm in
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