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Yes - Yesterday And Today chords

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Yesterday and Today
Yes (Jon Anderson)

Amaj7:          X02120
E:              022100
G:              3X0003
Bb:             X13331
Eb:             XX1343
G#:             466544
B:              X24442

Why is there you, When there are few,
People around, making me feel good.

Why is there me, When air is free,
Some I can see better than I should,
There's only us, simply because,
                                 E        B
Thinking of us makes us both happy
G           Bb            Eb               Bb
I think of you every way, yesterday and today,
G#           B           E               B
I think of things we do all the way everyday

Stand in the sea, sing songs for me,
Sing happily, making me feel good,

Watching your eyes, Feeling your sighs,
saying goodbyes, better than I could,

There's only us, simply because,
Thinking of us, makes us both happy

I think of you everyway, yesterday and today,
I think of nothing but you, things we do, things we do.

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