Yim Tin Tam - Too Shy To Kiss chords

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too shy to kiss

by: yim tin tam

album: pink magic


(verse chords: B7, 224224, E, E7, A, D, E, E7)

(piano intro)

too much amiss could've given a kiss but i was shy as they come

but a letter from Lucinda says she wanted it all back

cussed in my prime had to bust out my dimes he was soft on himself he was

he was rollin' out bales no joy we didn't get anywhere

so come on get inside we'll talk about it chew on it walk all around it

two second decision it was murder in movies so groovy and one chump always gets the pump

(E, 021200, A, E)

too shy to kiss any measure to go so many names it was never the same Pompeii dors and the oracle

too wide awake did i make a mistake takin' scissors to old centerfolds

too shy to kiss some things i'm not gonna miss watch it!

(breakdown: xx999x, xx777x, xx444x, xx777x, xx12-12-12x, xx14-14-14x, xx555x, xx777x, xx999x)

(verse chords: B7, 224224, E, E7, A, D, E, E7)

kickstart your day make some get some one on one don't ask it we're past it

its just a shame to be out there

here is your office sir laundry dons manicure

are you sure?  are you certain?

specs unlimited makes the sex prohibited

i'm gonna see morgan white

i'd like a kiss from that babe hey hey hey but she never took notice of me even for a second

because he's too shy you know he's too shy you know she's too shy to kiss

you know he's too shy you know she's too darn polite you know she's too shy

cause she ain't been kissed yet yeah...


(chorus chords for ending)

too shy to kiss but not too shy to sixty nine... 
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