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Yo La Tengo - Cherry Chapstick tab

Cherry Chapstick, by Yo La Tengo
From "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out"

Tabbed by Dan Ray (

Electric version, std tuning. If I were more confident in my tab, I'd say the
LP version is tuned a little sharp. As it is, I'm willing to admit it might
be my fault. This version sounds fine played along with their live
recordings, though.

I can tell from their live shows that this isn't how Ira or Georgia plays it,
but I think it gets close to the sound of both their guitars playing at once.
There's a lot of fuzzy dissonance, so don't be afraid to hit open strings if
it sounds right.


  Play this riff 6x,  |
  varying the rhythm  |
  a bit               |  Then this riff 2x

(If you have a second guitar, play the same thing higher up:

D--11---11-111111-1111--11-9-| etc.)

Then, the main guitar riff / melody (slide the single notes, vibrato
widely, and hit some open strings if you're playing by yourself)

                                                         Not really sure
                                                         about this part...
                                                         I just thrash away

Then a few verses, then the solo. You're on your own there, but you can
play either this, or the "2x" part of the intro under it. From there, just
put the parts in order.

(I think the acoustic version, from the Today is the Day EP, might be in
DAEAAe tuning. i.e.,

Drop the low E string to D.
Raise the D string to E.
Raise the G string to A.
Drop the B string to A.)
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