Yo La Tengo - Green Arrow tab

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Album: I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One (release date: April 22, 1997)
Song: Green Arrow

One of the more calm, soothing instrumentals off of I Can Hear the Heart...

Tuning: Standard

One guitar plays the following riff for pretty much the entire song:


Variation: (takes place from about 3:20-3:30)


The other guitar plays several riffs, all of which include slides:

Intro riff:

|D---------|  x4

Pre-chorus riff:


Variation of the pre-chorus riff: (takes place at 2:33-2:55)

|D---3/12-------------|  x2

Chorus riff:


Variation of the chorus riff: (takes place at 4:01-4:22)

|D-------------------------|  x2

Additional riff which takes place at 4:22-4:44:


That's it! Feel free to comment and/or post corrections if you find any.
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