Yo La Tengo - Andalucia chords

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Artist: Yo La Tengo
Album: Fakebook (released 1990)
Song: Andalucia

Intro: D   G   x4


D          G
Andalucia, when can I see ya?
D                G
And it's snowing out again
D                      G
Father John wants you, louder and softer
D                 G
Closer and dearer than again


G            A      G            A
Needing you,        Taking you,
G            A      G            A   
Keeping you,        Leaving you


G                A          G        A
And a year and a day, to be sure
G                     A           G           A
But your face doesn't alter, your words never falter
I love you

Repeat that chord progression for 2nd and 3rd verses
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