Yo La Tengo - Barnaby Hardly Working chords

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Artist: Yo La Tengo
Album: Fakebook
Song: Barnaby, Hardly Working

The whole song consists of these chords: |C   |C   |G   |D5  G|

D5: xx023x (from low to high)

(The G in the last bar is very quick; it is only strummed once as an upstroke.)

For the moment slipped right through him
Combed his hair, combed his hair
Through the feeling of contentment
An actor's actor
An actor's actor

Smiled a smile uncomprehending
Took his time, took his time
Wore a hat so he'd impress her
They took a ride
They took a ride

As I could wait for hours
I could wait and never fall down, never fall down
Never fall down

Face down beside the river
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