Yoko Kanno - Psychedelic Soul chords

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               Psychedelic Soul - Yoko Kanno feat. Scott Matthew
Tabbed by: XCrusherX@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard, capo on the 4th fret

Note: These are not the actual chords of the song. I tried to make a version that works 
on its own.
I'd appreciate suggestions to improve it.

Chord names are what they would be called without a capo!
Em7:    022033
Asus:   X02230
Em:     02200X (Actually Em without the e string)
A7sus2: x0200X (Actually A7sus2 without the e string)
C:      X32010
G:      355433
A:      X02220

Em7 Asus Em7 Asus Em7 Asus 
Em7 Asus

Em                      A7sus2
No time, no long goodbye
Em                         A7sus2
No time, no answer for the reason why
Em                    A7sus2
No guarantees in life
Em                           A7sus2
Save for the end which is no big surprise

Em7           Asus
Time can't be overcome
Em7                 Asus
Time won't wait for anyone
Em7                 Asus
The well is running dry
Em7                  Asus
You know, and so am I

Em A7sus2 Em A7sus2

Em                    A7sus2
I'm sorry now and then
Em                      A7sus2
Sometimes I didn't even give a damn
Em                 A7sus2
So sorry, yes, I am
Em                              A7sus2
To leave the ones who made me a better man

Em7          Asus
Time doesn't understand
Em7                     Asus
'won't let up, it never makes any plans
Em7                  Asus
All stories have to end
Em7                       Asus
Farewell to all my friends
Em7               Asus
Twilight, free my soul
Em7                Asus
Goodnight, 'time I go

Asus                 C
Please don't cry for me
Please don't be sad
I'll be alright
Asus              C
Just my turn, you know
Please don't be mad
It's part of life

Asus C G A

Asus                C
I'll wait there for you
'won't be so bad
We all owe time
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