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Yoko Kanno - Live In Baghdad tab

			     LIVE in Baghdad - Yoko Kanno / Masaaki Endo
Tabbed by: MiGs

Tuning: E,B,G,D,A,E

I haven't found a tab for this song yet, great song, found in the Cowboy Bebop eipsode
called "Heavy Metal Queen". This is my first tab ever, I did my best on the lyrics,
they are in japanese... I think, I wrote them in english by how they sound. Enjoy!

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

                  (repeat through riff 1)                      (occasionally)
e|-------------------------------------------------------     ---------------|
B|-------------------------------------------------------     ---------------|
G|-------------------------------------------------------     ---------------|
D|------------------------------------------------------- x3  ---------------|
A|--0h2-2h3p2---0h2-2222h3p2---0h2-2h3p2---0h2-222222----     -0h2-0222-0222-|
E|-------------------------------------------------------     ---------------|

(Riff 1)
Tremelo (listen for timing), Effect: Sprint Reverb                              
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