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Yoko Kanno - Ask Dna tab

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Chords Used:

F5   C5   D#5   A#5    C^    A#^   C7   F   A#*   D#    C     F^
        F5           C5           A#5                   
        Gummed up, brain dead and can't decide
        F5          D#5         C5
        you can't pray enough, you can't hide
        F5        C5        A#5
        You  can  be cool or you can cry
                C^              A#^                C7
        DO it wrong,    Not at all,     or do it right  

        F5       C5          D#5
        No one owes you, no one's to blame
        F5          D#5         C5
        Save for bad genes or DNA
        F5        C5            A#5
        Ask your conscience the why and how
              C^                A#^                C7
        Do it then,      Do it when     But, do it now

               F  C     A#             F5  D#5  C
        What's up sweet cakes?   Who's hip anyway?
        Earthgirls are easy
        What you gonna do lil' buckaroo?
        (Hey you, you better ask her nice!)
        C^                       A#                F^
        All you gotta do, happy fool, is ask your mom

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