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Yonder Mountain String Band - Holding tab

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E	             F#m
Well you asked was I holding
       C#m	  A
I said no Iím not holding
  C#m		  A	   F#m  E
I thought you was holding, itís true
E                F#m
But here Iím not holding
    C#m		     A
And since youíre not holding
   C#m	         A	    F#m E                   
My dear, what on Earth will we  do

Ö.do do doÖ.

Now you know when Iím holding
Thereís no need you holding
And you know the same about me
And if you run out
Before I run out
You can always get some from me

Ö.do do doÖ.

Now if you ainít got none
And if I ainít got none
We can go find some other head
Find out if theyíre holding
Get down and start rolling
And smoke what theyíre holding instead
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