You Me At Six - Finders Keepers chords

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Title: Finders Keepers
Artist: You Me At Six
Album: Take Off Your Colours

hope you like it :)

[verse 1]
You've got a nerve giving me the cold shoulder
Giving me the twice over that's not deserved
And we'll talk again when you're sobber
You said that I've got cold and our heat has gone
I wanna be your eyes 
So you can see what you've done
I wanna be your air 
                 Em                     C
So you can hear everything that's been missing

Finders keepers, will you keep me in mind?
I like secrets, 'cause they keep me in line
C                                          D
Old habits die hard, but I'm too young to die

[verse 2]
I guess it's a mess if you make your bed
So why are we still laying in it?
And I could barely sleep, I could barely eat
And it's been 3 whole weeks s ince I've heard you speak

C            G
So hard to take
              Em                  D
That eighteen months was built to break
    C       G
Oh, I love mistakes
      Em               D
Especially ones you've made

(I bet you're sorry)


[additional chorus]
Finders Keepers the whole thing is a lie
You won't find her 'cause she's too hard to find
C                         D
Take my advice boy, run a mile


And have another drink and think this one over

You dig yourself a grave everytime you're sober

Do you see what I mean?

Have your best interest written all over me

I could never be what you need


[additional chorus]


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