You Me At Six - Stay With Me Acoustic tab

okay so this is a tab for the acoustic version of Stay With Me which is on the Stay With 
Me EP.
Standard tuning.


G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|  X2

[Pre-verse and verse]

e|-5---------------------------5----|       |-5------------|
B|-6---6-----------5-----------6----|       |-6--8--6--5---|
G|-7-----7-----------5---------7----|  X5   |-7----------7-|
D|-7-7-----------5-----------3-7----|       |-7------------|
A|-5-----------3-----------1---5----|       |-5------------|
E|----------------------------------|       |--------------|

During the chorus the intro part is picked over top of these bass notes being played by 
another guitar:

Stay..    With..   Me....
|---|    |---|    |---|     |---|    |---|    |---|
|---|    |---|    |---|     |---|    |---|    |---|
|---|    |---|    |---|     |---|    |---|    |---|
|---| X8 |---| X8 |---| X16 |---| X8 |---| X8 |---| X16
|-5-|    |-3-|    |-1-|     |-5-|    |-8-|    |-1-|
|---|    |---|    |---|     |---|    |---|    |---|

An alternative to picking these notes would be strumming the chords Dm, C and Bb overtop 
of the intro instead, which is how I play it. It still sounds really good either way.

[After first chorus]

For the whoa-oh-ohh part after the first chorus, it goes back to the picking chords in 
verse one, and continues them throughout verse two.

The next chorus is the same as the first.


I haven't worked out the picking overtop of the chords here, but here are the chords anyway:

F x2, G x2, Dm x4

[after the bridge - small instrumental]


and then back to the chorus. The end!
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